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The Green Shoots of Recovery

If you go down to the Woodland Walk

You're in for a big surprise. If you walk past The Crown in the next few days, you'll notice that there's something going on in Woodland Walk. That something is the start of the Trafalgar Rd greening project that many of you contributed towards recently via SpaceHive.

Your contributions meant we could get the support of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and make a successful bid for additional money from the Mayor of London's High St Fund. The Royal Borough of Greenwich have been very supportive and will be maintaining the plantings as well as improving the public realm along the main commercial part of Trafalgar Rd.

It's really great to see that a little bit of people power goes a long way. And a real feather in EGRA's cap - particularly our planning expert, Shade Abdul, who got the whole project off the ground and has helped steer the solution with specialist contractors, Adverdant.

The greening will really take shape in the next few weeks - so keep a look out for the new trees, green barriers and benches in Woodland Walk.

We're not out of the woods yet

Let's hope this is just the start of a renaissance for a neglected part of the borough. If you'd like to join EGRA and help us make this and similar projects a reality, please visit the joining page and download and fill in the membership form.

We're putting the green back in East Greenwich.

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