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Planning Approved
Enderby Wharf Residential
Barratt London

Barratt London in a joint venture with Morgan Stanley are developing this 8.9 acre site. The land has 130m of river frontage and a rich industrial history. The gross development value is estimated at £275m. However the development is divided into two projects one residential and one commercial.


Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing are working with West Properties to deliver the cruise terminal and hotel known as Enderby Riverside ; the commercial element of this project. Because it has a different construction timetable and management team Enderby Riverside is detailed elsewhere on this website. There was a public consultation and exhibition in July 2010 at the Forum in Greenwich. In 2010 the the GLA reviewed the initial plan and raised a number of issues about transport,  use of the adjacent wharves and height of the buildings. The density of the buildings was regarded as the maximum allowable. We asume that the developers heeded some of the GLAs suggestions.


The GLA report is available from their website.


Barratt London is constructing the residential element of the development. Consisting of 770 homes, 154 of these are designated as ‘affordable housing’. The development will consist of eight blocks ( A-H) of varied heights. The tallest rises to14 stories and the smallest ( near Christchurch Way) three stories. There is landscaped private green space between the buildings and a gym for residents.


The development also involves the construction of an access road from the Blackwall Tunnel to the homes. This route is known as Telegraph Way. There will be no access to the development from Christchurch Way.


Plans for the development of the site has been on the cards for some time, earlier pans were aborted and then the  chosen developers ceased trading. Barratt London took on this project as late as 2013 and claim no knowledge of any arrangements that had gone before. This makes tracking plans and related documents a little more complicated. A modified Deed of Covenant and section106 was signed 2014.  This should be read in conjunction with the original documented agreement signed in 2012.


The architects are Ian Simpson; this is how they envisage the completed project will look


Construction began in March 2014, and it is estimated that it will take almost five years to complete. The last block (Block B) is due for completion at the end of 2018. See this plan of the site and timetable for construction.


There have been a number of issues arising from the construction. Dust levels have been breached, working hours restrictions have been ignored and site traffic has been a big problem. In particular the size of lorries and misdirection of traffic, but also the timing and frequency of deliveries. All these matters have been raised with Barratt and after a difficult six months some of these issues have now been addressed. The breaching of planning permission has been raised with the council, we await a response.


There are regular construction meetings organised by Hardhat on behalf of Barratt London. These are held monthly and a number of stakeholders are invited; EGRA have been an active participant at these meetings.


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