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Blackwall Lane has new street trees!

Blackwall Lane has new street trees! And if that isn’t enough, we have eight of them mixed with a wild flower pollinator corridor, a drainage system that sustains the tree planting and takes flash-flood water out of the road and the sewage system.

A chance discussion with a very knowledgable SuDS specialist, Owen Davies, has led to a collaboration between Christchurch School Community Garden and Royal Borough of Greenwich to improve the streetscape of Blackwall Lane.

Our commitment as garden volunteers is to water and generally look after what has been planted. For our trouble, we receive a tank of rainwater to extract for our food crops. This makes the community garden more sustainable as we reduce our reliance on mains water and the wonderful street trees and meadow planting are more likely to survive. It’s a win-win.

If you’d like to know more or know of a neighbourhood where residents want to commit to a similar scheme, contact us by email: Better still, join us at the garden on Fridays 10.30am onwards. We have events throughout the year on Saturdays.

You’ll find news of these in the events section of the EGRA website www.EGRA.London.

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