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EU Cannot Intervene to Ensure a Clean Cruise Port

The petition by EGRA to the European Parliament on the London City cruise port has been closed after a considered Opinion from the European Commission. This may be viewed in full here.

Very briefly, the petition has been closed now because:

  • an overall environmental assessment is not a requirement under EU law,

  • breaches in air pollution within the UK, which the Opinion notes occur in London and specifically Greenwich, are being pursued through infringement fines, and finally,

  • "If the Member State grants permission to a project that would increase pollution beyond the limit values for ambient air quality, it would logically have to take compensating measures to ensure compliance with the limit values" (Italics show Commission’s own words).

These opinions may appear anodyne but they may well help with the next steps of securing a clean cruise port with onshore power supply. EGRA is considering its next steps. They will include following up the case made to Michael Gove, Secretary of State for the Environment, last summer. EGRA will seek a meeting and will also continue to discuss riverine air pollution with the Port of London Authority and the Royal Borough. Our local MP, Matt Pennycook, continues to actively promote the case for a clean cruise port.

If you also wish to support the cause please write to Rt Hon Michael Gove (Secretary of State, 3 Whitehall Place, SE1 2BE).

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