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Volunteers needed for gardening and ‘greening’ projects in East Greenwich

Volunteers needed for gardening and ‘greening’ projects in East Greenwich

Join our team of volunteers working on gardening and greening projects in East Greenwich. We are working with elderly residents, schools and arts organisations on a range of initiatives to make our neighbourhood a more beautiful place to live. We are involved in and continue to develop plans to:

  • Rescue neglected public spaces

  • Help elderly residents maintain their own gardens

  • River bank clean up days

  • Work with the council & mayor’s office to get more trees planted

  • Locate and develop new sites for seating and planting

  • Help Schools develop their own gardens and planting schemes

Enthusiasm is the main ingredient although garden knowledge would be welcome it is not essential. Tasks could include:

  • Weeding, pruning and tidying

  • Digging and planting

  • Propagating

  • Woodworking and DIY i.e. making planters, trellis etc.

  • Watering trees and planters

Ideally you would be able to commit a couple of hours a month

As much of the work is in the week many of us are retired but we could use occasional help from strong young folk who don’t mind climbing ladders or lugging soil and stone. In fact everyone welcome you all have talents.

If you are interested please get in touch at or ask to speak to Shelia or Patrick at the next public meeting or sign below.

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