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Save the Riverside Park at Anchor Iron Wharf for the Community!

UPDATE 2: Two planning applications have been submitted, one for Bi-fold doors to be installed and another for illuminated signage. These are under the following references: 17/3124/F – Bi-fold doors, 17/3125/A – Illuminated signage and can be accessed through the RBG planning portal here. The deadline for objections to the planning applications is 29th November, whilst these do not relate to the use of the public space, the Bi-fold doors particularly point towards an ultimate intention to do so.

UPDATE 1: The planning application has now been withdrawn. Apparently Morden College (freeholder of the site) asked the restaurant to do this, but a representative of Morden College has confirmed Mid Point are still keen to obtain permission to use the outside space. We can only assume that all involved consider it prudent to open first and re-apply for the planning once this has happened, work on the fit out continues. Thanks to everyone who wrote to protest, keep your pens handy, they will no doubt be needed again in the New Year!

Midpoint restaurant has moved into the ground floor of Anchor Iron Wharf. The restaurant, an all day bar café was licensed earlier this year and will open daily including Sundays from 11am to 11pm. Residents successfully objected to the music license and proposed opening until midnight, but lost the battle to reduce the operating hours. Unlike previous applications Midpoint had apparently no plans to extend to the riverfront, something that was discussed at the licensing board and taken into consideration.

Whilst not yet open (in fact work is still ongoing for the proposed Christmas opening) Midpoint now wants to extend their reach to the outside space, increasing the seating capacity by an additional 22 tables (88 seats). Tables and chairs will be set up daily and removed each night after the restaurant closes at 11pm. A smart way of exceeding the license?

This community space sits between the Greenwich Power Station and the Cutty Sark. According to the original 106 agreement between Berkley Homes and Royal Borough of Greenwich the land in front of Anchor Iron Wharf is deemed to be Public Realm, in fact a seating wall was built specifically for the public to sit and view the river and trees built for shade.

This riverside park is a special part of East Greenwich. A safe area for young children to run around and play, It’s well used by local residents and others to sit, picnic or just simply enjoy, with a stunning view of the river, this is undoubtedly a prime community asset.

Restaurant seating in the riverside park would not only reduce our community space, revoking a commercial agreement for public realm in an area deprived of green space, as well as noise late at night. Those living nearby also have concerns about the resulting refuse, littering, traffic and potential for public nuisance caused by all day licensing for alcohol.

If you wish to object to this application, please do so by the deadline of 8 November 2017.

To comment/object on line and view the full application details, please go to:

Application reference number : 17/3072/F

Comments can also be made by writing to quoting the application reference number.

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