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Two petitions for a clean cruise port launched

We need your support for two new online petitions. This should only take a little of your time and your backing is free. Two petitions for the price of none is a good deal to help prolong a life or protect children's lungs.

Petition Number One

The first petition is addressed to the new UK Secretary of State for the Environment and can be viewed here. Please open this Change.Org site and follow the instructions to sign the petition.

Petition Number Two

The second petition is addressed to the European Parliament and was submitted in March 2017. It has now been accepted and referred to the European Commission for investigation and is now public for you to support on the official EU website. Supporting this petition is a bit trickier than the first, to help please follow these steps after opening this page:

1. Click "Register" at bottom of page, you should get a form

2. Fill out the form, for which you need an ID (maybe email title) and short password, plus a security question and answer

3. Submit the completed form after which you will get a verification email.

4. Follow the instructions in the email and you should get a second email saying you are registered.

5. Open the webpage (as above) again and click Support; it will take you through and you will get a final "success" email.

Thank you. There is movement from the Mayor’s Office, the European Parliament and even the Port of London Authority, which we hope to report on in the near future.

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