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Trafalgar Rd Proposals, Walking Tour Update

Hello neighbours. On Thursday 5th November at 8am a group of us local residents, representatives from Adverdant (who will be installing the Green Planters and Green Barriers) and Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG) regeneration officers joined together for a walking tour to look at the detail around the proposal to 'green' Trafalgar Road. On the tour, local residents listened to proposed plans for Woodlands Walk, which included large tree planters along the walls. RBG discussed how their team from the Highways Improvement Local Labour initiative (HILL) will support the project by sprucing up the street furniture and paving prior the greening phase of the project. We also heard how the street barriers on Trafalgar Rd, closest to Woodlands Walk, will be transformed into 'green barriers' designed to connect with the tree planters.

The tour was also used to discuss ideas for the vacant stall licences at the end of Earlswood Street and Colomb Street, some very interesting ideas have been put forward and these will now be investigated.

The estimated delivery date for the 'greening' installation is February/March 2016. We'll provide updates as the project grows. Residents were excited to hear about the plans and put forward ideas that included working very closely with local businesses and residents while the project development plans move forward.

This innovative local community project is at the heart of EGRA's core principles to foster social environmental economic improvements to the local area.

If you have any ideas that you would like to share or you would like to be involved in this very exciting project then please get in touch.

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