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Green Trafalgar Rd - Exciting Update


Having reached our minimum target and with thanks to support from the Royal Borough's Regeneration Team, we managed to get an additional £18,000 from the Mayor of London's High Street Fund.

This means we can start the process of planning and delivering the 'greening'. We'll post a fuller update when we know the timeline and details.

Thanks again for all your help and financial committment. Here's to a greener east Greenwich!


Many thanks for your support for a greener Trafalgar Road. We’ve exceeded our initial target of £6,250, which now places us in the running for the Mayor’s High Street Fund. But we’re not quite there yet.

Now we need to pledge with our voices in hope that the GLA hears us. Please leave a comment on the Spacehive page saying how much you wish to see this project happen.

Since we started our crowdfund campaign, our project has developed working with Adverdant a company that is focused on solving air quality issues in cities with greening solutions. Easily installable planters will create the effect of the canopy that we initially proposed, whilst also helping to reduce the nitrogen dioxide and other pollutant gases.

The base of the planters will be covered with timber providing the opportunity for people to sit and spend some time. Below are before and after shots of the alley way.

And here is a small photo sample of the green barrier

Once the project has been installed, we will be asking local businesses to sponsor a planter or a green barrier in return for some advertising. The aim will be to keep the sponsorship local.

By improving our local high street and making it more inviting, will also help to improve our local economy.

Please continue to show your support by commenting on the Spacehive page.

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