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Do IKEA really want to co-create?

IKEA is now in the process of designing, in detail, the new shop on Bugsby Way. EGRA with other resident associations and interested groups submitted a list of proposals to be incorporated into the design of the building. This was in response to IKEA stating they were interested in involving the community in the design of the new shop although they did not instigate any formal means by which the community could actually participate in this.

IKEA's response to the submitted proposals is vague in that it does not address the ideas directly. They stated that they want the community to "co-create" rather then "co-design" the new shop. They state that they are in the process of detailed designs and when they are "ready to progress" with the proposals they will share the designs with the public. So we are not sure what "co-creating" actually means in the IKEA mind.

There was no mention of our detailed requests, such as free shuttle buses from transport hubs, or a green walkway to access the store on foot. The concept of not storing furniture at the store and of providing free delivery was dealt with by "IKEA currently offers home delivery"; an inadequate response. There was no mention of the detailed design stage taking into account any of the proposals submitted.

IKEA does not seem to really want to involve the community in the design of the building or the surrounding area and, if so, it is a shame they led us to believe they would and wasted a lot of committed community member's time.

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