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EGRA to meet with TFL on Silvertown Tunnel

As part of their consultation, TfL have invited EGRA for an informal meeting this Thursday 26th March.

EGRA have grave concerns about the plans for the Silvertown Tunnel and said so in our submission to the initial consultation.

We will be pressing TfL for clarity on the following:

  1. Peak time capacity of the Blackwall Tunnels

  2. Combined peak time capacity of all tunnels

  3. Current peak time flow; what is predicted flow in 2021 – 2026 a. Without/With Silvertown Tunne b. Without/With Tolls

  4. What was peak time flow during the “tidal flow” era

  5. Origin/Destination of traffic through the Blackwall Tunnel and whether this is this likely to change

  6. The apparent lack of current regulation and ability to tackle height related incidents, there have been 600 to date in the Northbound tunnel.

  7. Plans for “improving” feeder roads to all tunnels by 2021

  8. Plans for improving public ‘cross river’ transport from East Greenwich (and beyond)

  9. A simple illustration of the relationship between vehicle speed and pollution emissions.

We'll let you know how we get on...

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