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Anchor Iron Wharf Restaurant Plans


Some East Greenwich residents recently attended a meeting at The Cutty Sark Pub to hear about Young's intended plans for the restaurant at Anchor Iron Wharf. Residents came from Ballast Quay and from the apartments at Anchor Iron Wharf and were joined by a representative from Morden College’s property management company Ingelby Tice.

Residents and watchers of the development moves in Greenwich may remember that Frank Dowling took on the lease of this space in 2003. He failed however to open a restaurant despite receiving planning permission. The sad sight of this well positioned space being used for storage has been a great disappointment, it has been both unloved and poorly kept. Since the demise of Frank Dowling’s restaurant group the space is up for grabs.

Youngs in the running

Young’s are one of the bidders for the space and are planning a brasserie. Many of us locals are relieved and enthusiastic about the prospect of this prime site being properly utilised bringing a bit of glamour to the area. The Cutty Sark is a well managed pub, and the brewery is keen to emphasise that if successful in their bid the brasserie would be managed by the same team, i.e. Andy and Montseratt.

The plans have not yet been submitted to the council indeed there is a further residents’ meeting is planned in the Crow’s Nest on the top floor of the pub. Most of those present on at the initial meeting were positive about the plans although rightly concerned about the logistics including licensing issues, deliveries, refuse management and opening hours. Young's plans include a conservatory style extension in front of the building and fixed tables and chairs on the ‘plaza’ outside. The area discussed was all within the railings which were erected to protect Morden College’s right of way.

Fate of the 'Riverside Park'

Some of us are confused about this area known as the Riverside Park, i.e. what is, and is not, in the public realm. We are currently investigating planning consent and the section106 agreement i.e the covent made between the developer (Berkley Homes), the owner of the land (Morden College) and the council and, in particular, if the community benefit gained in mitigation for the development is now under threat. More information on Section 106 agreements.

Whilst a bustling brasserie is a lovely idea, an extension to the front of the building may signal another loss of public space and play facility in increasingly urban East Greenwich.

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