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Welcome to the East Greenwich Residents Association

Hello and welcome to the new website of the East Greenwich Residents Association - EGRA.

Our group was formed on the back of the successful campaign to scale back plans for the Lovell’s Wharf site, and one year on we are still pushing for local residents’ voices to be heard as the development of East Greenwich continues at an unrelenting pace.


The cranes now dotted along the edge of the Thames Path heading up towards Peninsula give us due notice of the rapid change we are about to see to our skyline and the Greenwich waterfront, which will be transformed beyond recognition over the next few years.

We know that we must move with the times and that Londoners desperately need more homes. And we know that the derelict riverside industrial sites of East Greenwich provide a prime location. But we want the changes we are seeing to be sustainable with thought given to the type of environment that is being created for existing and new residents. We also want life to be bearable for those people who are currently hemmed in by new construction.

Our website provides a forum for all East Greenwich residents to find out more about the main developments and construction sites, planning processes and local events. It will provide a platform to have your say and be involved in the changes and decisions that will be affecting your day to day life.

Some of the things we have been working on over the past year include participating in construction meetings with developers, monitoring air quality, consulting on new plans and reviewing all developer commitments. We have opposed intensive over development and have been pressing for more affordable homes, open space, local facilities, jobs and public services. We have secured more community facilities as part of the new plans for Lovells Wharf.

Our priority and focus is to make sure our voice is heard and to hold the council and developers to account. To that end, we have secured a meeting with the Council to quiz them on their plans and vision for East Greenwich. The main waterfront developers in East Greenwich have also agreed to sign up to our Developers’ forum. More news on both of these initiatives will follow in the coming weeks, as well as details of EGRA meetings.

We came together on the back of a campaign. We learnt that we can change things by joining forces. The more of us there are, the louder our voice – and we would like to invite you to join East Greenwich Residents Association.

Laura Eyre

Chair, East Greenwich Resident Association

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